Rewrite Your Own Story

Nothing has gone wrong.

I see you doing all the things; sometimes it works and you feel great. That last big sale? It seemed to just land on your lap. It was so... effortless. You feel great, like you can rule the world 🌍.

Sometimes the things don't work. You did what you did before, or so you thought, so why wasn't it effortless? When it doesn't happen the way it did before, you start to question everything. Anxiety kicks in because you don't know what to expect 😟.

All of sudden, you find yourself having an anxious attachment to dream work: sometimes it provides; sometimes it doesn't; you don't know what to expect.

And in those moments that might turn into a season, it becomes a slippery slope. Am I called to this? What haven't I tried yet? Maybe if I just get another certification 📜. Maybe if I just learn to use AI 🤖... maybe if I... maybe if I...

The maybes are drowning you 🌊.

Trying to solve the yo-yo that are the maybes, you jump from thing to thing. Different tactics and strategies. You want this to work so you've invested, because as the saying goes, "it takes money to make money". When the money was funny, you paid with your sweat and some tears.

It works... just not consistently.

You end up starting from scratch, and the cycle of confusion and maybes gets so loud, you wonder if your instincts were wrong all along... maybe YOU were wrong all along.

The real cost of the "maybe if..." land? It could ultimately cost your mental health or destiny. It'll lead to so much frustration and heart ache, that you might just give up already.

The doorway of your anxiety isn't what you think it is. The inconsistency of your preferred outcomes dropping you into "maybe if" land isn't the problem. It's something else entirely.

The root of your inconsistent outcomes are not your actions.

There is nothing wrong with you. What you're feeling and the outcomes you are having are normal, and when you change this one thing, things will change easier than you think. 🧠✨

The solution to getting consistent outcomes and leaving behind the anxiety of "maybe if..." land is to embody one new thought 💭.

Is it really that simple?

Yes, because it's how you're wired to succeed.

It starts with perception, which influences how you think about something. Then your thinking produces emotions 😌, and those emotions drive your actions or non-actions.

It's the thought that you choose to take, hold, and embody that is giving you the outcome.

How can you change that?

Through what I call the 1% framework: investing in yourself 1% of your day to purposefully connect with and embody the new thought you want to become your reality 🔄.

You're doing it already by default; now you get to choose to do it by design.

It's just a choice, but without the insight and support, the maybes will keep on pulling you into places of frustration, wasted time, energy, and finances ⏳💸.

You're just missing some insight and support to be able to do this consistently. Those are the ingredients you're missing: insight, support, and accountability 🧩.

If you know this is what you're missing, then my membership if for you.

🧭 The Society is a membership for high achieving women and men (the men meet separately) who are ready to get consistent results and create their desires through how they are wired to succeed: embodying the thought they want that creates their reality by design instead of by default.

You will be guided and supported to make this happen by getting access to resources to assist you in embodying the thought that is keeping you in the prison of maybes 🚀, from replays, masterclasses, workshops, guided meditations, accountability Chat Bots, and EFTs.

Resources are great, but I've found with my clients that some high touch points radically shift their perspectives and keeps them on track, so you also have group coaching access twice a month and 24/7 coaching access via text 📲 so that you do not have to wait until we meet again to get coaching. Life doesn't wait; why should you?

You're literally one embodied thought away from what you say you want 🌟.

🧭 The Society is your map to your dream life - or as one member put it:

"You provide me with all the tools to be better in all areas, especially a woman of God, mother, friend, and sister... You are giving me the blueprint to live a prosperous life."

Another wrote in:

The choice is yours.

It always has been.

Join us below to be released once and for all from the prison of maybes that are keeping you from the consistent results you want or feel free to slide into my DMs 📩 to have a two minute chat to see if this is the right fit for you.


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