About The Society:

🧭 The Society is your map to your dream life - or as one member put it, "You provide me with all the tools to be better in all areas, especially a woman of God, mother, friend, and sister... You are giving me the blueprint to live a prosperous life."

🧭 Another just recently said, "These sessions definetely always make me feel renewed... I feel like I can breathe better... You've given me words to combat those thoughts, those strongholds, when they come up so, I'm so grateful."

This is why you have access not only to tools that fit your busy lifestyle (and actually work), you also have coaching calls with me twice a month:

When you're part of the squad, you get access to:

  • Text one to one private coaching Value $555/month
  • Community Support & Support from me via the BMAC portal & FB Group ~ Value $297/month
  • Accountability ChatBot for Clients ~ Value $997
  • Accountability ChatBot for Health ~ Value $997
  • Monthly Masterclass/Workshop ~ Value $197
  • Monthly Vision To Reality Group Coaching ~ Value $197
  • Access to all previous offerings, including journals, guided meditations, and more ~ Value Over $1997

These are things I know are duplicateable; it's...

✅How I got my mind back

✅Why I have an amazing relationship with my children (never went through the I hate you phase)

✅Why I have a man who adores me and my wild heart

✅Why I am so privileged to do what I love daily

✅ Why I'm healthier now at 50 than I was five years ago


Let's go!

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