Manifest the Life You Desire Through Faith-Infused Power ✨🙏🏼

As a Christian, you know you were made for more than just getting by. 💫 Deep down, you feel a longing to unlock your fullest divine potential and manifest a life overflowing with abundance, purpose and rich blessings. 💎

Yet despite your strong faith, you've likely struggled to integrate your spiritual curiosities about manifestation practices. Maybe you've wondered if exploring those realms conflicts with Christianity. ❓

The Made For More program finally bridges this gap through a pioneering Faith-Infused Manifesting Formula. 🌉 In this transformational 90-day experience, you'll discover how to harmonize your Christian beliefs with the immense power of manifestation in a deeply faithful way.

Over 12 weeks of private coaching, you'll re-calibrate your inner resonance with divinely-ordained practices rooted in science, scripture, and spiritual truth. 📜 Eradicate self-sabotaging patterns, activate blessing beliefs, and cultivate a vibrant manifesting mindset. 🧠🔮

Emerge spiritually attuned as a conscious creator manifesting your dreams through soul-aligned words, emotions, actions, and a renaissance of childlike faith. 🦋

What You'll Experience:

  • Faith-Infused Manifesting Attunement Sessions 🕉
  • Vibrational Uplevel & Frequency Recalibration 🎚
  • Heart/Brain Coherence 💓
  • Abundance Mindset & Prosperous Consciousness Development 💰
  • Higher Self Embodiment & Soul's Purpose Alignment ⭐️
  • Victory Over Limiting Beliefs, Fear & Spiritual Sabotage 👊
  • Devotional Self-Care & Manifesting Self-Concept Elevation 🧘‍♀️

This program isn't just self-study information - it's a full transformative experience with 1-on-1 guidance, customized processes, and loving divine support to manifest a life of faith-inspired miracles. ✨🪄

The Made For More program is a high-touch $1997 💸 investment in yourself and unlimited future. It's time to stop playing small and embrace your birthright of limitless abundance through Christ. 💥

Spots are LIMITED and this price is locked in for you (so when it's increased, you will have access to this price).